Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girls like confident Boys

Girls like confident boys, like to make them friends and love to make them a life partner as well.

By confident we means eyes contact with the girls, no shy, how to communicate with people decision making ability, trust and knowing what they are doing is right.

As most of the girls enjoys and take benefit when a guy gets nervous and become puzzled.

Is it true or not that girls wants those guys that should not be nervous and are confident during talk, as first impression is the last impression so talk in that manner that your boldness last forever and she gets trapped just by your voice, way or talking, verbal and non verbal expressions etc.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Girls Mobile Numbers

Girls love it when guys say their name, speaking of nicknames, almost every girl has at least one nickname that they just love to be called, so always call her name or nick on phone.

Here is the list of some updated mobile numbers of cute girls with sweet voices.

 Anum, 24 Female Lahore 0323-4062621 

Arzoo Naz, 22 Female Karachi 0332-2738110  

Komal, 23 Female Jehlum 0312-5213199

Aisha Bukhsh, 25 Female Karachi 0315-6131133

Tehreem, 22 Female Lahore 0332-4577642

Zargona, 28 Female Peshawar 0307-7133811

Do post your cell numbers in the comments so that you find your exact "Partner".

Friday, June 15, 2012

Who to Marry? The Girl who Loves you or the Girl you Love?

As all says always marry the girl who loves you.

 It’s true or not lets judge that above statement through the following points.

If you marry the girl who loves you?

  1. She will take a lot of care about yourself, your needs, the girl you dream for, cooking, sewing, washing, pressing stuff you like and all type of satisfaction you and your body desires for etc.
  2. You will have to accept it because it is not the matter of your life but also for the coming generation.

But your mind will sometimes go for the girl you loved, but then do love your real partner with whom you are married and accept her as fate or the decision of God and think that it is more better for you.

If you marry the Girl who you love?

You may be very lucky if you got the same girl in real life partner for which you dream for but,
  1. She may be proud sometimes.  
  2. Maybe she loves any other guy in her life before marriage. 
  3. Humm it will be more comfortable if she fall in love after marriage same as u love her. 
  4. Maybe she demands more then giving you something, as she knows you will not deny. 
  5. She may not provide as much satisfaction as you want and you will also bear her all and accept sometimes because of your love.

But the key point is whether you marry the love one or get married to love one, it is the two-wheel bicycle, so success depends upon both, give and take like concept and the matter of compromise. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If a Girl hugs another Girl’s Guy?

If a girl does this, it means she had interest in him and its more alarming if she is your girl friend.

It may be because of the following reasons,

>>- She is just passing time with you.
>>- Or had some dislikes with you.
>>- May be she had some jealousy with that girl, if you think positive?
>>- She had no interest in you and enjoying on your money and company.
>>- May be she is habitual in doing that?
>>- May be she is discovering some qualities in you and hugs another guy for satisfying other needs like money, car, bike or good and handsome body etc?

But all of the reasons, if your girl friend behave like this, you should had to take one way turn and must ask her a simple good bye message because if you had no one without her, then she also, must not have any other.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to choose your Girl Friend?

When your first sight accepts the girl for whom you was dreaming for, choose that girl and then find these points in her that perfectly suits you.

  • Her height, figure, hairstyle, eyes, looks and personality and also family background that you want.

  • Her voice, way of talking and walking.

  • Her behavior with you is she wants to, just pass the time and wants to enjoy on your money or she is a real time true friend.

  • The importance she gives, the feelings of care and support when you need her during the days and nights when you feel alone and want someone to share and relax.

It is most difficult that you find a girl that is completely full with beauty as well as sincerity, but I must say that you must compromise on beauty but not on character or sincerity.

Friday, May 13, 2011

If a girl say, I haven't given my cell no to anyone yet?

No doubt a girl hesitates for the first time what ever she do with the boy, it may be friendship or coming into any other serious relation because a tiny spot looks too clear if its on a white cloth, same is the case with the girls.

But in a current world girls are as sharp as guys or may be sometimes more.
By judging this sentence we may assume that at first she is showing his boldness and innocence that she is too noble and poise and haven’t done such acts with the guys like text or chit chat on a cell phone midnight. And its true and natural, all the girls ask for reasoning and say, Why? & what will you do?

But at last when she is sitting with you at college or somewhere else at river view for hours, then she will also give her cell number to you, but just wants to know her importance in your eyes, and wants to enjoy the words that comes from your lips after her Why?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

If a girl says, I have no boy friend?

It means she wants you to be her first boy friend, and she only allows you to come close to her in her private life, to share the sorrows, joys and all the memorable moments of life as she has full respect for you.

But this may be only the positive way of thinking, and if think as the evil think, then it may means the partner for that time, when she will be alone. Am I right?

Friday, August 20, 2010

If a Girl during Bath says, “Please give me the Towel?

Be ready for the immediate and active response, what you have to do depends upon the occasion and the mood of your girl friend, whether she wants to get another bath after meeting you and having you the chance to bath under the same fountain.

Also most of the girls enjoys to know, what their boyfriend thinks and how much he controls hiself, when she want to try her with her hot mood because girls mostly enjoys by these statments as they are 100% sure that their boyfriend will come and check her whether she is really bathing alone or not.

Think for a while, "A wet hand comes out of the door and ask you for the towel", What will be your feelings towards that?

It also means that she had a blind trust upon you, and she is never afraid with you in loneliness. But the main thing is, the trust, love and affection that you had build up with your girl friend which will enable her to think how much deeply she wants to move with you at that time and in the future.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If a Girl says, how much you Love me?

By saying this, she might wants to know,
>>The maturity of your mind, that how much she is important in your life,
>>Whether you are interested in someone else,
want to enjoy or while away your time with her

Keep in mind if I will have to notify the innocence in this world, then I will surely point out girls and if trust breaks, then she is nothing but just a stone.
Girl just wants that, the one on whom I am sprinkling my each second, what is my position in his heart? Has he the ability to fight for me and will he leave me in a tough situation?

To streamline her mind a Girl often asks such a question, but the only thing is, how his boy friend satisfy her from his sweet and pure heart hmmm.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If a girl says, “Please don’t leave me you are my first Love”?

Love is something the internal purity of your heart that arise for someone to whom you like the most, it may be in shape of brother & sister, or in the shape of girlfriend & boyfriend.

And when we talk about a girlfriend, and the love, which are first, then each and every creature of the world wants to whom being loved must be achieved.

By saying this she never ever wants to lose you in life not even she thinks about your disappearance for any single second. Because she knows if first love goes away, then nothing has been left in life, because first love remains in mind throughout whole life, you cannot forget the moments you spend with him/her in the past.

And even if you try to become 200% fair to the second one but of no use, it is same like that, you eat sweets after tasting honey.

That’s the main reason why the world is dying for & after the love.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What if a girl says, “Are you single”?

This statement shows that she has some interest in you; it may not me in case of marriage but may be only for the sake of knowledge but sometimes when less time is left to make any decision, so that such questions are asked.

But most of the girls wants that their boys friends are single, so that more easier to capture and rules them.

When a girl says, “Did you saw the size of my shoe heel”?

Ohm, a very irritating statement, often heard by a girl when a boy disturbs her on the way or somewhere else. This statement clearly identifies that the girl had no interest in the boy, or she is mature enough and will not respond upon these immature ugly acts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

If your Girl friend says, “Wait, I am having Shower”?

Suppose you are having a chat with your girlfriend online or through a cell phone and if she says, “I will come back after having shower”, now if a guy is near to her then she may be inviting him for something at her home, suppose if she is far from him then, it may means, that she is having some hot feelings for her or she knows how to get her friend hot in a real mood.

But it all depends upon the way of thinking and the opposite responses she makes on the request of her friend. May be the girl is open minded and she shares everything with her friend and now its up to him, how he thinks and which kind of habit he had adopted through the positive or negative responses of his girl friend.

If a Girl says, “It is very hot today”?

It made two indications, the first one to get refreshment with her boy friend to remain chill within whole process of the date, and the second one to enjoy by putting something off of the body especially in a real hot mood.

But it also depend on the boy how immediate he perceive these words and moves in which direction and how to convince his girl friend, but it also depends upon the location whether you are in a hotel, beach or in a private room etc.

What did this mean by a Girl, “I am free at evening today”?

It means a direct invention for a date at the time when the sun is going to set, so you can make a mind and get free is you are busy somewhere else because it’s a big opportunity for you that your girl friend ask you for a date without your stress.

She wants to enjoy with you and in a nice cool, hot, loving and caring mood, or probably she is fed up with routine life and wants something change in the life and also wants to share her internal feeling of sorrows, joy and experiences of life.